"Guardian Angel is truly doing God's work, and I am grateful that my grandchildren are able to attend this school which provides an excellent education while also providing a safe, loving Orthodox Christian environment for them!  I wish there were more Orthodox schools such as yours throughout our country. I am grateful to all the devoted staff of Guardian Angel and hope to continue to support the school in the future." --Mrs. Connie Parsons, Guardian Angel grandparent

"Guardian Angel has made me into the person I am today. All my teachers and the priests helped me understand what our faith means by being examples of people who live our faith all the time. The supportive and nurturing environment that Guardian Angel created not only taught me about my faith but made me realize that our faith is alive. Being away from the school, now that I'm in high school, has made me appreciate my time at Guardian Angel that much more" --A Guardian Angel graduate

"The parish of St. John's is truly a forerunner in so many areas, but our highlight for the year was our Godson's 6th grade graduation from Guardian Angel School. What a blessed night that was, and probably one of the most moving and touching graduations we had ever attended.  The poise and perfection of these young graduates, their gratitude for their school, the priests, teachers and each other was truly amazing.  Speeches encompassing academics, extra-curricular activities and most importantly their personal relationships first with the Lord in their morning prayers, along with the stories of care and encouragement of each other was extremely moving.  They emulated all that is good in the world.  I would highly recommend that even if you don't know of a graduate, attend the graduation and see all the positive and good and hope this school offers the youth of our parish and the world outside the blessed walls of St. John the Baptist." --A Godparent of a Guardian Angel graduate